Plant Guarantee

Due to the perishable nature of living plants and their susceptibility to variable conditions, returns and exchanges are not accepted. However, we are proud to offer a two-tiered satisfaction guarantee that lasts up to 12 months and a lifetime plant doctor service. 

At Pulled, we understand the importance of bringing life and vitality into your home's landscape with living plants. And while these beautiful plants are naturally perishable and may require a short period of adjustment to their new surroundings, we're committed to ensuring happiness with your new plant.

That's why we offer two layers of guarantee to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind and the best customer experience possible.

  • 30-day Plant Acclimation Guarantee
  • 12-month Extended Plant Guarantee


Our quality selection process and support guarantee that your plant will survive and thrive through this adjustment period. If your plant dies within the first 30 days of arrival, we'll replace it for you free of charge. 

To qualify for a replacement, you must fulfill the following:

  1. If you notice any issues with your plant within the first 30 days of arrival, contact our team with images and your observations. They will help diagnose any potential ailments and recommend adjustments.
  2. Despite the adjustments and best efforts of care, if your plant dies within this adjustment period, we'll send you a replacement.
  3. Ailments must not be due to mistreatment or neglect as determined by our team.
  4. Limit of one replacement per plant ordered.
  5. Orders out of the State of California do not qualify for this warranty.
  6. Trade discounts and other custom offers do not qualify.

Living plants are meant to be appreciated for their overall shape and beauty. Characteristics not eligible for replacement include:

  • Normal characteristics of living plants: brown tips and edges on leaves, loss of less than 10% of overall foliage, blemishes that are natural to the plant and not due to improper wrapping or packaging.
  • Plants that arrive leaning and can easily be straightened by compressing the soil and staking.
  • Aesthetics that can be easily removed or trimmed and are not indicative of the plant's immediate decline.
  • Root damage done by others during installation.

If a product is disposed of before a resolution is confirmed, any option for a replacement or compensation will be nullified. Additionally, shipping is not covered and will be an additional charge.