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Salvia Coccinea 'Hummingbird White'

Salvia Coccinea 'Hummingbird White'

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Easy to grow and quick to flower with a spreading habit. Fertilize & water as needed; provide good drainage. Sun Exposure: full sun to light shade.


Plants vary greatly by type and no guarantees are made on sizing. However here is a rough idea of sizes based on containers that are direct from our growing grounds.

15 Gallon Shrub 3-4 Ft. Tall
15 Gallon Tree 5-6 Ft. Tall
24" Box Shrub 5-6 Ft. Tall
24" Box Tree 6-7 Ft. Tall
36" Box Shrub/Tree 8-10 Ft. Tall
48" Box Shrub/Tree 10-12 Ft. Tall

Please note: Citrus and California Native plants such as Manzanita are smaller than traditional sizing.

Please contact us to confirm sizing of items before purchasing if this is a concern.


Our team of landscape architects, horticulturalists and nursery professionals works to ensure your plants are selected, packed, and shipped with the utmost care.

Our goal is to ship orders out within 5-7 days, but there may be delays depending on the plants you choose and where they grow best as well as weather conditions. If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach us at 323-576-4159.

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"Trees are beautiful and delivery guy was early. Thanks for your help. Will def buy more trees from you guys."

- Taylor Granade

Common FAQs.

What makes Pulled unique?

We’re on a mission to create a new experience in the home and garden space with sustainably grown, superb plant material chosen by our experts and amazing customer service and support. Simply put, our products and services are meant to make your life easier and healthier, no matter your level of expertise.

How long does it take for plants to reach my house?

We ship locally within California within 5-7 days of your order being placed. We ship nationally using carrier partners, based on order size.
Text or call 323-576-4159 for specific shipping details for your location.

Can I come and pick out my plants?

We believe that you should see your plants growing and see what your tree or plant will look like when it arrives. That's why we have photos direct from the growing grounds and we display pricing right in our store. Unfortunately, because we are online only, we don't have the option to allow you to visit the growing grounds and pick out your plants specifically. We do make sure to pick the very best options prior to shipping and make sure that they have gone through our multi-point inspection for health and structure.

Do you have experts who pick out my plants?

Our team of horticulturalists and landscape architects as well as nursery tradesmen and women make sure that your plants are picked with optimal rooting and branching structures and are free of disease.

Do you offer planting?

We do! Planting prices will vary based on location, size of plants, and access to your space. Text or call 323-576-4159 with any planting questions.

You have a location near me. Can I stop by?

Our physical locations are growing grounds or transfer depots with heavy equipment and trucks and therefore are not open for customer visits unfortunately.

Why should I buy from you and not my local garden center or big box retailer?

We're able to offer a much greater selection of plants and supplies due to our vast network of growing grounds. Additionally, our plants and trees are only moved when they're shipped to you, without going through multiple stops, ensuring a more healthy plant.

This allows plants to be maintained with the proper irrigation and fertilization practices right before they're shipped, providing the best care and nutrients to ensure they thrive when planted.

Finally, each growing location is ideally suited to build the strongest plants acclimated to the environment they will grow best in.

Unlike many other nurseries, big box stores, and online sellers that may grow their plants in greenhouses or where they can achieve the fastest growth, our plants are grown where they will thrive in the future, so you have a plant that isn't just beautiful when it's delivered but beautiful well into the future.

How do I know the size of the tree or plant before I buy?

Plants vary greatly by type. Here is a rough idea of sizes based on containers that are direct from our growing grounds.

15 Gallon Shrub 3-4 Ft. Tall
15 Gallon Tree 5-6 Ft. Tall
24" Box Shrub 5-6 Ft. Tall
24" Box Tree 6-7 Ft. Tall
36" Box Shrub/Tree 7-9 Ft. Tall
48" Box Shrub/Tree 8-10 Ft. Tall

**Please note that we do not make guarantees of sizes. If you have questions or concerns, please call or text to request accurate sizing for the particular plant you're considering, prior to ordering.

What is your warranty period?

We offer a limited 90 day warranty for plants that we plant only. The limited warranty covers plants that die as a result of disease or fungus which was derived from our growing grounds or from root balls that were root bound. The warranty does not cover damage due to watering, fertilizer, soils, or any other conditions beyond our control. We can assist you in recommending the right soils and fertilizers to help your plant thrive after you plant it. Text or call 323-576-4159 for further warranty information.

Do you deliver across the U.S. or just in California?

We deliver locally within California and ship nationally using carrier partners, based on order size. Individual orders out of state that do not fill a carrier partner, may require additional charges. To set up an out of state order, text or call 323-576-415.

Do you have a trade program for designers, architects, developers etc.?

Yes, we are proud to offer exclusive pricing and services to our Trade partners. Contact us to find out more!

Why don't you have physical locations where I can pick out my plants?

While we can arrange visits for specimen trees and specialized plant material, our growing grounds are not available to visit, due to the nature of equipment and agricultural regulations.

We've found our online approach to be the best way we can offer you the broadest selection and healthiest plants that will thrive at your property. We work hard behind the scenes to handle all of the logistics to ensure you have the best trees and plants with the least movement.

We strive to provide the most accurate photos of plants growing at our growing grounds and if you have any questions on sizing or current conditions, please feel free to call or text us before placing your order.

Where are you located?

We have locations throughout California. Here is a map of our growing/transfer locations.

What They're Saying...

  • Shaun - Chatsworth, Ca

    "Pulled was so great to work with. First they had the Swan Hill olive trees that we had been searching for, we had contacted several other nurseries without any luck previously.  Then they answered all of our questions in a timely matter prior to ordering and finally delivered within a few days of placing it. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable; they delivered and planted our trees with expertise to ensure that they would do well in our yard. We would definitely work with them again for future projects."

  • Bob - Sacramento, Ca

    "Today I took delivery of a new Cypress from The process was so easy. Pulled Inc coordinated the delivery and installation of my new tree within a week of ordering. I did the whole order online. The price was reasonable and the tree is healthy and beautiful. The service has been outstanding with excellent communication from Pulled Inc. I highly recommend this company for trees and shrubbery."

  • Darin - San Marcos, Ca

    "I ordered 50 trees to be planted in a day. The guys showed up on time first thing in the morning. They were very friendly, professional and very hard working. They brought in excellent top soil for planting, and completed the job by sundown."

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All of our plants can be planted by our team of experts and partners for an extra fee. Need Landscaping & Design Help? Call or text 323-576-4159 to schedule today!

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