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Health Studio

Health Studio Gut Culture

Health Studio Gut Culture

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Our Gut Culture is 100% natural and free of added fillers. This fast-acting formula is made from plant based, fully active digestive enzymes that provide optimal digestive support and are free of toxic ingredients. Our Violite bottles and healthy packaging help to block light to provide a toxic free supplement. Additional benefits include: 

- Reduction of Symptoms of Heartburn

- Increased Breakdown of Fats, Carbs, Proteins

- Gas & Bloating Prevention

Our natural blend of enzymes creates a powerful digestive formula that targets every possible cause for bloating, so you feel relief quickly.

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Our formula has continuously improved for over a decade.

Here's everything that goes inside

Lipase Enzymes

Lipase enzymes promote the breakdown of fats

Amylase Enzymes

Amylase enzymes promote polysaccharide breakdown of starch and glyxogen

Invertase and Lactase Enzymes

Invertase and Lactase Enzymes support the digestion of carbohydrate disaccharides, including dairy

Cellulase Enzymes

Cellulase enzymes help break down plant cell wall components, promoting nutrient bioavailability of foods that contain fiber

Protease Enzymes

This formula offers two types of protease enzymes that facilitate the normal breakdown of proteins into dipeptides and tripeptides, as well as promotes optimal protease activity across a wide pH range


Pepsin is a digestive enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of protein into peptides and should be taken every meal, especially if you're taking a Hydrochloric Acid supplement. While most pepsin may be animal-based, our pepsin is 100% vegetarian

Common FAQs.

What makes Health Studios Gut Culture unique?

We’re on a mission to create a new experience in the home and garden space with sustainably grown, superb plant material chosen by our experts, curated collections of home goods, and amazing customer service and support. Simply put, our products and services are meant to make your life easier and healthier, no matter your level of expertise.

How is this different from a probiotic?

We ship locally within California within 5-7 days of your order being placed. We ship nationally using carrier partners, based on order size.
Text or call 323-576-4159 for specific shipping details for your location.

Do you have experts who can consult with my health concerns?

Our team of horticulturalists and landscape architects as well as nursery trades men and women make sure that your plants are picked with optimal rooting and branching structures and are free of disease.

How is this different from other brands like Arrae?

We do! Planting prices will vary based on location, size of plant, and access to your space. Text or call 323-576-4159 with any planting questions.

How long does this take to work and reduce my bloating?

We're able to offer a much greater selection of plants and supplies due to our vast growing grounds and our plants and trees are only moved when they're shipped to you, without going through multiple stops, ensuring a more healthy plant. Additionally, our plants are maintained with the proper irrigation and fertilization practices right before they're shipped, providing the best care and nutrients to ensure they thrive when planted.

How do I know the size of the tree or plant before I buy?

Plants vary greatly by type. However here is a rough idea of sizes you can expect based on containers that are direct from our growing grounds.

15 Gallon Shrub 3-4 Ft. Tall
15 Gallon Tree 5-6 Ft. Tall
24" Box Shrub 5-6 Ft. Tall
24" Box Tree 6-7 Ft. Tall
36" Box Shrub/Tree 7-9 Ft. Tall
48" Box Shrub/Tree 8-10 Ft. Tall

What is your warranty period?

We offer a limited 30 day warranty on plants that we do not plant. The warranty period extends to 90 days for plants that we plant. The limited warranty covers plants that die as a result of disease or fungus which was derived from our growing grounds or from root balls that were root bound. The warranty does not cover damage from installation done by others or death due to watering, fertilizer, soils, or any other conditions beyond our control. We can assist you in recommending the right soils and fertilizers to help your plant thrive after you plant it. Text or call 323-576-4159 for further warranty information.

Do you deliver across the U.S. or just in California?

We deliver locally within California and ship nationally using carrier partners, based on order size. Individual orders out of state that do not fill a carrier partner, may require additional charges. To set up an out of state order, text or call 323-576-415.

Do you have a trade program for designers, architects, developers etc.?

Yes, we are proud to offer exclusive pricing and services to our Trade partners. Contact us to find out more!

Dr. Joel Rosen, D.C, CFMP

“I am a big fan of Gut Culture. Whenever I make a recommendation for a nutritional product, my first concern is the quality of the ingredients, along with any toxic tagalongs/excipients that have been added to the formula. Gut culture is not only a quality, food-grade, blend of enzymes, it has no altered ingredients. Patients tolerate this blend and do experience a noticeable impact by taking it.”

  • "Amazing! Works fast"

    - Shannon Marie

  • "The best! I increased the dosage to two per meal because I was experiencing some bloating, but it's made such a difference!"

    - Amanda C.

  • "This is one of the cleanest formulas I've found for bloating thus far. I recommend dosing up a bit if you're not seeing the results, but so far so good!"

    Michael B.