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Noble Fir 7 - 8 Foot (Includes Delivery)

Noble Fir 7 - 8 Foot (Includes Delivery)

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Plants vary greatly by type. However here is a rough idea of sizes you can expect based on containers that are direct from our growing grounds.

15 Gallon Shrub 3-4 Ft. Tall
15 Gallon Tree 5-6 Ft. Tall
24" Box Shrub 5-6 Ft. Tall
24" Box Tree 6-7 Ft. Tall
36" Box Shrub/Tree 8-10 Ft. Tall
48" Box Shrub/Tree 10-12 Ft. Tall


Our team of landscape architects, horticulturalists and nursery professionals works to ensure your plants are selected, packed, and shipped with the utmost care. Our goal is to ship orders out within 5-7 days, but there may be delays depending on the plants you choose and where they grow best. If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach us at 323-576-4159.

The Noble Fir is LA’s most popular Christmas tree, known for its excellent ability to hold its needles throughout the festive period. It's the perfect option for households with young children or pets, and its strong branches are suitable for hanging heavy ornaments.

Care and safety: When you receive your tree, untie it and let it open up in a sheltered area. Once it reaches its usual spread, cut off 1 in. from the base and place it in at least 1 gal. water. Remember to refill the stand with warm water every day to keep the tree looking fresh. To avoid any mishaps, turn off the string lights when you're not at home, and keep the tree away from fireplaces, TV sets, and other heat sources. After this tree has served you through the season, please dispose of it responsibly by recycling rather than burning.

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"Trees are beautiful and delivery guy was early. Thanks for your help. Will def buy more trees from you guys."

- Taylor Granade