From Our Grounds To Yours

Direct From The Growing Ground

When you buy a plant from a box store or nursery, it probably spends an average of four weeks traveling from a farm to a distrubutor. Then, it’s shipped to a store where it likely isn’t getting the water, light, or care it needs to thrive. With Pulled, plants are cared for by plant experts in their optimal growing environments and shipped directly to you. So instead of your plant spending 4 weeks in an uncontrolled environment, it spends 3-4 days going from the growing grounds to your front door. This means your plants arrive healthy and already thriving.

Delivered Direct To You!

Based in Los Angeles, California, we sell a range of home and garden products to enhance your living space and deliver them to your door within 5-7 business days, hassle-free!

Here at Pulled, we believe that your home matters and we'll do all we can to keep it amazing for you! 

If you have any questions about our products, do give us a call or text on (323) 576-4159 or email us at and we'd be more than happy to help!

Did you know we also offer a range of home maintenance services?

From landscaping to plumbing, electrical maintenance, our platform allows you to manage all your home construction and maintenance projects from one place.

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Growing Locations

Each of growing location is ideally suited to build the strongest plants acclimated to the environment they will grow best in. Unlike many other nurseries, big box stores, and online sellers that may bring their plants from greenhouses or force unnatural fast growth, our plants are grown where they will thrive in the future, so you have a plant that isn't just beautiful when it's delivered but beautiful well into the future.

We Start With The Best

Healthy thriving plants start at the soil. By starting at the soil and training plants to grow sustainably, not quickly, we ensure you're getting a healthy plant for your garden, without compromising its structural integrity and forcing fast growth that leaves plants susceptible to future disease and decline.

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